The Calcutta Fund was established in 1991 with the aim of fighting poverty and promoting health to the hundreds of thousands of children at risk in the city. The primary goal of the fund is to provide financial support to local based organisations in Calcutta. 100% of all donations and money raised goes directly to the organisations – NO funds or donations are used for administration or other purposes.

Some of the organisations we assist are:

  • Calcutta Rescue: This organisation’s mission is to fight poverty, ignorance and apathy offering free holistic healthcare and education for those who need it most. The rescue addresses all aspects of the lives of those who come to them providing not only free curative healthcare (medication and surgery) but also food, financial benefits, education, vocational and practical training. Calcutta Rescue amongst other activities runs 2 medical street clinics which helps around 1,500 sick people every day.


  • Lavinia House: operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, this order provides a refuge for young girls abandoned by their families and shunned by society. Providing these girls with shelter, food, education to both primary and secondary school levels. The house cares for 175 girls and these girls are housed and supported until they are 18 yrs old.


How can you help?